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    While we consider TeverunUSA Scooters to be the most reliable electric scooters currently available, they do come with a comprehensive warranty in the unlikely event a defect were to occur. The standard parts only warranty is for 1 year on the scooter and the battery. Battery warranties are for total failure not reduction in range over time. It should be expected that the degradation period on the battery is a diminishment of 30% of the packs capacity after 500 cycles.   The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs of warrantied parts. If it is necessary for the scooter to be shipped back for warranty repair, customer is responsible for shipping one-way, and TeverunUSA will cover return shipping.

    The warranty is comprehensive and covers all electrical and mechanical components on the scooter. The warranty does not cover wear and tear components such as brakes and tires, issues related to water damage, abuse, neglect,  or collision.